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About us

It was all a dream! Once upon a time in a land not too South and not too "Mid" called Fort Worth, TX. lived a working family that went by the name Lopez. Perla and Jesse used their magical powers to create a Princess named Arianna that "encouraged" them to dream of a kingdom far greater than what they currently knew (a small apartment). After some small wins and losses (on Jesse's part), Perla with the power of fortune telling saw an opportunity to offer the most magical product in the land. 

This product would have the ability to transform spaces for temporary or long term use and would come in 70+ colors!

Perla's word had been spoken and her will shall be done! Ssssoooo Jesse got to work....

So that's the short and silly version, but it's pretty accurate. We started in 2010 in our apartment living room and now office just outside of downtown Fort Worth. We have one full time employee (Angel) and he handles 95% of our production. Jesse handles the dot com stuff and Perla handles the magical side of it (keeping Jesse in check). Arianna is the CEO in training / Lead Graphic Designer (check her LinkedIn, its true!).

2015 was our best year yet with tons of growth and opportunities for use to revamp what we do.

In 2016, with our new website we plan on becoming the leader in polka dot wall decals and easy to use and affordable pattern packs. We would love to be apart of your next project and we are always open to try new things, so feel free to contact us for any reason at all!

Photos coming soon!